A .NET based Open Source Ecosystem for Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

SciSharp brings all major ML/AI Frameworks from Python to .NET

For .NET Developers
.NET developers are most productive with the tools they know and love. Our mission is to make sure that they don't have to leave that behind when reaching for opportunities in Data Science Machine Learning and AI. The well established Python based Machine Learning ecosystem is not quite accessible to millions of .NET developers. We are effectively changing that.
Cutting Edge
SciSharp provides ports and bindings to cutting edge Machine Learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Numpy and many more in .NET Core. Since the APIs of the ported libraries are so similar to the originals you can easily re-use all existing resources, documentation and community solutions to common problems in C# or F# without much effort.
All libraries of the SciSharp STACK target the cross-platform .NET Standard Framework, which makes them usable on any major platform that supports .NET Core. We provide a ready-made Docker image with Jupyter Notebook being able to execute C# expressions and enabling you to start playing around with our libraries immediately.
Open Source
SciSharp libraries are licensed under permissive licences, such as the Apache 2.0 license, allowing you to use them for any purpose including commercial applications as long as the copyright of the authors is retained. The Open Source nature of the SciSharp STACK is attracting many contributors who further extend and improve it.

.NET Standard bindings for TensorFlow

Create, train and deploy Machine Learning models in C# or F#

A highly optimized pure C# port of NumPy

N-D Tensor Computation Library for Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

.NET bindings for Keras, the high-level Neural Network API for TensorFlow, CNTK and Theano

An easy-to-use Tool for Deep Learning

The most complete .NET bindings for NumPy

A fundamental library for Scientific Computing, Machine Learning and AI

A C# Natural Language Processing library built for speed

Inspired by spaCy's design, it brings pre-trained models, out-of-the box support for training word and document embeddings and flexible entity recognition models

A TensorFlow-inspired Neural Network Library built from Scratch

Written in C# 7.3 for .NET Standard 2.0, with GPU support through cuDNN

Experience all the latest features of SciSharp Machine Learning tools in a Docker container

Features a Jupyter Notebook presenting Demos of the SciSharp Libraries

Companies using SciSharp STACK